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Macomb County Employment Law Firm

Workplace discrimination or harassment can take a terrible toll on an employee, emotionally as well as financially.  Like any legal procedure, filing a federal employment discrimination claim can be time consuming and stressful.  The different laws and acts define discriminatory actions in particular ways and require specific kinds of evidence.

This is why it is vital that you research qualified employment law firms to represent you and your interests.  At The Sharp Firm, we focus our practice on employment discrimination law.  Our Macomb County employment attorneys are proud of their record in defending the civil rights of employees in Michigan.

Heidi T. Sharp holds awards in Journalism and Leadership Achievements. She has tried cases in areas involving employment law, civil rights, civil litigation, labor law, work on confidentiality agreements, covenants not to compete, public sector employment law, and has an active appellate practice. To learn more, see her profile page.

Joseph A. Golden
To learn more, see his profile page.

Syeda Davidson
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Experienced Michigan employment law attorneys

Our law firm’s experience brings an in-depth understanding of federal and state law to all the cases we represent in Michigan.  Heidi T. Sharp and Joseph A. Golden are committed to bringing employers who violate the rights of their employees to justice.  Whether you have a discrimination claim or a harassment claim, they can help you make a strong case.  The goal of this Macomb County employment law firm is to protect your rights and make sure you get fair compensation for any violation of those rights.

No one should be harassed or discriminated against at their job because an employer holds a prejudice or bias against a certain class of people.  This behavior goes against the equal protection and civil rights statutes that are law of the land and that a federal attorney fully understands.  Anyone with issues that involve the Family Medical Leave Act, severance agreement review, employee handbook or personnel files should seek assistance from the committed and determined law firm of The Sharp Firm.

The employment law attorneys in Macomb County at The Sharp Firm know how complex Michigan employment law and general discrimination cases can be.  They have had a lot of experience litigating these cases throughout Michigan.  Heidi T. Sharp and Joseph A. Golden also understand how devastating it is to be denied an opportunity to advance in your field, or moved to a different assignment with less pay, or fired without grounds—because of the way your employer perceives your gender, your age, or place of origin.

Harassment in the workplace can be overt—verbal insults or quid pro quo sexual requests, or covert—demeaning posters or slogans put on walls or accidental touching.  In either case, these behaviors can make a work environment an unbearable place to be.  If you are a victim or overt or covert employment discrimination you need to contact an experienced employment attorney today.

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An employment attorney can help you navigate the many laws that govern discrimination and help you craft a legal strategy to suit your case.  Employers should not get away with violating these statutes. The Sharp Firm will make sure they are held accountable for their discriminatory actions, and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve through a court case or settlement.  Contact us online or call 1 (586) 630-5857.