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Benefits of Macomb County Employment Mediation

Most people spend a significant portion of their time at their workplace.  We head to work with the expectation that we will be treated with respect and fairly compensated for our job performance.   These expectations are not only reasonable, but they are the law.  An employer who harasses or discriminates against an employee can be prosecuted for breaking the law and can be required to provide compensation.

Employment dispute resolution

Employers often think they can run their businesses however they see fit.  They cannot.  Employment protections are in place to ensure that the rights of employees are not violated by their bosses.  If you think your employer has acted in a discriminatory manner or if you have been harassed at work, you should seek the help of an experienced employment mediator in Macomb County, Michigan.  An employment mediator at the Macomb County employment law firm of The Sharp Firm will ensure that your legal rights are being respected and the litigation goes as smoothly as possible.

Discriminatory labor practices can take many forms:

  • Biased hiring practices
  • Denying promotions
  • Failure to honor a contract
  • Terminating or withholding benefits
  • Failure to provide accommodations for a disability
  • Violation of civil rights
  • Terminating employment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Verbal or physical harassment based on race, sex, age, gender

These unfair practices are often based on the race, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or, most recently, genetic information of the employee.  If you have further questions about employment laws or the types of discrimination mentioned above, speak with an employment mediator at The Sharp Firm today.

Knowing the law for your benefit

As an employee, you have rights under many different federal and state laws.  These laws define categories or characteristics, such as race or gender, that are protected from discriminatory practices.  Employment mediation at The Sharp Firm can help explain how these laws apply to your situation, and our Macomb County employment lawyers can advise the parties involved about the best methods to proceed as amicably as possible.

Employment discrimination cases hinge on proving intention.  Did your employer withhold a promotion you deserved because of your gender, race, or age?  Were you fired after your company learned you were pregnant?  Were you demoted when a chronic health condition made it necessary to use a mobility aid?  Are you being paid less for the same job based on your gender, race, or religion?  Is a superior making unwanted sexual remarks or requests based on your gender?

Contact us about your employment dispute

If you have experienced discrimination or harassment in Michigan, the skilled employment lawyers in Macomb County of The Sharp Firm can help you make a case against your employer by demonstrating that the behavior was based on an intention to treat you differently because of a protected characteristic.  Contact us online or call 1-586-630-5857 today.