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Employment Law Attorneys of The Sharp Firm

At The Sharp Firm, our employment attorneys in Macomb County believe that when an employee is discriminated against, harassed or treated unfairly, the employer should be held responsible. Usually, the employer is breaking state and federal laws. The employee may left without a job or feel uncomfortable each day in his or her place of business to the point where his/her performance is hindered. When a person comes to The Sharp Firm with these issues, they can feel confident that he will fight aggressively on their behalf with the goal of winning a lawsuit or settlement.

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A range of legal experience

Our attorneys have practiced law throughout Michigan, representing clients from Macomb County to Kent County. They have worked trials involving public sector employment law, wrongful termination, wrongful discharge, civil rights, disability, and employee rights. They also have a thorough understanding of issues involving the Family Medical Leave Act, pregnancy and maternity, unemployment, the Employee handbook, personnel files, severance agreement reviews, and appropriate compensation.

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The Sharp Firm will make sure they are held accountable for their discriminatory actions, and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve through a court case or settlement. Contact us online or call 1 (586) 630-5857.